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Instagram Photo Contest Rules


Hey everyone! Who's ready to start winning prizes for their pictures? Starting today, we're implementing future contests to share photographers from far and wide! Instagram is an excellent platform that allows for all photographers to be noticed, so we want to see your work! Every so often we will be hosting a photo contest on our Instagram, and we're here to show you some general rules for everyone to follow so that the competition can be smooth sailing.

First things first, let's explain the contest a little! Every contest will have a theme tied to it, examples of this may be "buildings/music/nature/dogs/cats" the list goes on! As long as your picture goes along with the theme, it counts! We will be running a couple of contests every month, so be sure to check back on our Instagram or turn on notifications for when we post so you can stay on top of the game! The winner's picture will be selected from a group here at Finestra, and you will be contacted for your prize and be featured on our Instagram page. The winnings don't end there, however! Honorable mentions will be featured on our Instagram Stories for all to see for a limited time! We can't wait to see what you'll post!

Now that we've covered what the contests will be about let us cover some guidelines for entering each competition. Each contest will have general terms when announced on Instagram, but in case you get lost along the way, you can come back here for specific details or questions!

1. Make sure you're following our account! (psst it's @finestraart, there's a link up top!)

2. Post your own photo! If we discover that you are using someone else's photography or stock photography, you will be eliminated from the current contest and may be banned from future competitions. Cheaters never prosper. We will also not accept more than one photo. If you desire to share background information and set shots with your photo for others to see, that's awesome! We, however, will just be using your first shot posted. If you post all ten images that Instagram allows and hope we'll pick one of them, we won't, so make sure your best photo is the first photo!

3. Not only do you have to tag us in the photo (either in the picture or the caption), but we will have a specific hashtag for each contest as well! An example of this may be #FinestraArtBuildings; this way, we can look at all of the contest photos in one place! Please make sure we are tagged in the picture and that the hashtag is either in the caption or comments. Keep in mind we will be continually liking and commenting on submissions, and this doesn't mean you are automatically the winner, we want to chat with you guys!

4. We will not accept late entries. For every contest we will have a date and time on which the competition ends; if your photo is submitted after the date the contest ends, we will not count it towards the final judging.

5. Have fun! The primary purpose we have here at Finestra Art is to share and see what artists are doing and spread the word about our favorites! We love supporting the art community and wish to give back, so let's get out there and be creative!


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