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Finestra Fine Artist - Zieben Lin


Zieben Lin was born in a bustling city of Taipei, Taiwan. As a kid he was fascinated by the comics & superheroes and drew constantly and had a curious tendency for all things art. After moving to South American and then California, he attended and graduated from CSULB with a BA degree in Fine Art & Illustration. With some twist of fate he became a graphic designer instead. 17+ years in the design profession with full body of commercial works left behind, Zieben rediscovered his true love was still with the fine art and earnestly began to experiment with his creativity via digital medium.

Showcased here are some of Zieben's 3D digital art renderings showcasing his love of science fiction. Zieben is accomplished in other areas of fine art as well and he's currently working on a project featuring abstract art. You can see some of his abstract art here and if you are interested in his artwork, feel free to contact him.

Zieben's favorite Finestra Art Media Is: Finestra Metallic Silver for his 3D art and Finestra Satin Canvas for his abstract art.